The level of victim services and criminal justice cannot continue to be a postcode lottery

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7th October 2022

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Claire Louise Chamberlain is a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse. In adult life she followed the pattern of many victims, entering into further abusive situations and relationships. After escaping her final abuser, Claire found herself unable to access support and was continuously retraumatised by the services designed to help.

After finding a way to heal for herself and her children, Claire discovered that the majority of victims escaping abuse often suffer with debilitating trauma induced issues. The average waiting list on the NHS is 2 years long. Should there be a criminal investigation, survivors are advised not to seek therapy until after the trial due to witness testimonials being diminished. This negatively impacts the survivor and their children. Unhealed trauma has a deep negative impact on entire families for generations. 

In response to this, she created The Four Cornerstones of Healing, a programme which enables survivors to access healing tools that are otherwise inaccessible; this means that they can understand and manage their triggers, take back control of their lives and flourish beyond the trauma and abuse.

Claire also created Clear Path Conference to raise awareness for this and to give a platform to other survivors’ to inspire, educate and empower. Speakers and contributors included Lisa Surridge (HMICFRS), Gemma Aitchison (YES MATTERS), Charissa Cooke (Support to Report), and Rosie Watson (DAA). During the planning of the conference, they formed a think tank, pooled resources, and shared research in an effort to discover the best solutions to tackling the epidemic of abuse nationwide.

Clear Path UK Coalition CIC was formed and now provides resources to abuse sector professionals and organisations, while offering free access to support services for survivors.


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If you would like your organisation to be a best practice leader in tackling abuse, Clear Path offers a range of resources and courses.

Be a role model. An example of how to get it right.

  • Coercive Control
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Referral Procedure
  • Disclosure management
  • CSA
  • DASH
  • 8 Steps of Escalation
  • Trauma-informed Practice
  • Perpetrator vs Victim Behaviour
  • Clear Path Toolkit Access

School, College, University, Youth Groups, Clubs & EYFS setting.

  • Disclosure management
  • CSA
  • Signposting
  • Perpetrator tactics
  • Anti Victim Blaming tools
  • Gender Stereotypes
  • Trauma-informed Practice
  • Solutions to Rape Culture
  • Boys emotional development skills

Police, Social Services, IDVA/ISVA service providers, Legal professionals & Judiciary.

  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • ISVA & IDVA roles
  • Safety Resources
  • Referral Procedure
  • Accurate Recording
  • How to apply Latest Laws & Regulations
  • DASH
  • 8 Steps of EscalationDAA app

Business, Support Service, DWP, DVLA, Council.

  • Signs
  • Signposting
  • Coercive Control
    Domestic Abuse
  • Victim vs Perpetrator Behaviour
  • DASH
    8 Steps of Escalation
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Abuse ProtocolThe Four Cornerstones of Healing
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Clear Path Conference

7th October 2022

Early bird pricing live now, buy or gift a ticket today!


Our programmes and workshops are delivered at set times online and are free to survivors. 
If you run an abuse support service and would like to book sessions specifically for your service users, please get in touch below.

This free 8 week programme enables you to access healing tools that are otherwise inaccessible; this means that you can understand and manage your triggers, take back control of your life and flourish beyond the trauma and abuse.

We provide this programme online and it is free for survivors of abuse.

The programme contains

  • Breathing to now
  • Self care
  • Choose your rafts
  • Write to heal
  • Self talk
  • Master your Tasks
  • Time to heal
  • Move to succeed
  • Be your guide
  • Trigger tracking
  • Clear Path Toolkit Resource Guide Access

This free 4 hour workshops gives you to access healing tools and exercises to take away and begin to use to manage your triggers, take back control of your life and flourish beyond the trauma and abuse.

We provide these workshops online and they are free for survivors of abuse.


Learn how to

  • Navigate your healing path
  • Deal with panic attacks
  • Manage your anxiety
  • Write to heal
  • Become your own biggest cheerleader
  • Create safe spaces
  • Get on top of your daily tasks

Claire and the team provide talks for businesses, survivor service providers and at events.


Topics covered under our Four Cornerstones Talk Pack include

  • The Four Cornerstones Foundations
  • Obstacles to healing
  • Pathways to progress
  • Breathing to NOW
  • Choose your rafts
  • Write to heal
  • Find your voice

Our Mission

A 2021 investigation by HMICFRS concluded that laws and regulations designed to protect members of the public from abuse, and support victims who are affected, were not being adhered to, or applied consistently. This has resulted in a post-code lottery of justice, prevention, and protection. Where someone lives within the UK, should not determine the quality of services available.

As a result, our coalition of survivor-led services and organisations was born, to create the framework and campaign for a regulatory body to oversee all organisations and professionals dealing with abuse, and with prevention rather than the current reactive approach at its core.

Our mission, to ensure the consistent application of these laws and regulations nationwide, while providing the resources, research and training to make it possible.

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Prevention must be at the core of any approach to abuse in the UK. The current reactive processes aren't working.


Clear, transparent and decisive action must be at the forefront of everything we do if we expect the public to trust us.


Without full acknowledgment of the root causes and issues around abuse in the UK, how can we expect to find the right solutions?


Healing those affected with adequate and consistent support must be the priority to lessen the impact on future generations.


Clear Path UK Coalition member organisations offer a wide range of resources and courses.


Yes Matters UK offers a wide range of services to meet educators needs.

It can be daunting for staff to tackle such complex issues as consent, child sexual abuse, gender stereotypes, pornography and objectification.

This is why the YES Matters Commitment includes staff training in disclosure management, trauma informed victim support, in healthy trauma coping strategies.

We explain how to support a pupil going through it, impact on the family.

The Commitment is an interactive E-learning course and includes a fitness to practice certificate to display proudly in your school.

You will receive teaching plans, classroom tools and activities for your students too.


The Court Confidence course is made up of seven modules.

The modules are varied, easy to complete and with simple, practical concepts that anyone can apply.

Covering everything from dealing with feeling anxious or triggered, to coping with cross examination; from how to improve your dealings with professionals to presenting evidence effectively, and much more. Take a look at the video for a full list of modules.

You can take as long as you need to complete the course, there are no deadlines. With access to the Court Confidence community for discussion and with private & confidential tutor support, you'll be more confident navigating this difficult system.


The free to use WEPROTECT app and online portal has been developed by the Domestic Abuse Alliance in conjunction with police and domestic abuse support service providers.

All victims referred through WEPROTECT benefit from early legal assistance and intervention, ensuring that the relevant course for protection is actioned without delay.


  • Early legal assistance and protection
  • Access to empowering advice and information
  • Specialist legal representation at court
  • Legal Aid for eligible victims
  • Pro-bono support for victims with no recourse
  • Zero cost to victims


  • Make instant referrals for early legal assistance
  • Benefit from specialist legal expertise
  • Real-time monitoring of victim journey
  • Save time and resources
  • Data and insight
  • Zero cost to partners


Clear Path abstract Art Auction

Survivor & renowned artist Armirna Raveendran has generosly donated a collection of artwork to Clear Path. We are holding an abstract art auction to raise funds in Spring 2022.

Spring 2022

Introducing OUR team

Claire Louise Chamberlain

Founder, Spokesperson
Four Cornerstones of Healing

A biography, or simply Bio, is a detailed description of a person's life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person's experience of these life events. Unlike a profile or curriculum vitae (résumé), a biography presents a subject's life story, highlighting various aspects of their life, including intimate details of experience, and may include an analysis of the subject's personality.

Claire Louise Chamberlain

Founder and Spokesperson
The Four Cornerstones of Healing 
creator and facilitator

Claire is the founder of our organisation and creator of our trauma informed healing programmes for abuse sector professionals and survivors of abuse. 

She secured a four book publishing deal with Spellbound Books after creating resources based on her own healing journals and further research, her first book is due to be published later this year. 

As well as coordinating and managing our projects she delivers talks across the UK on her story, healing from abuse, trauma informed practices and our work here at Cleat Path UK. 

To enquire about talks, workshops and training from Claire and the team at Clear Path UK please go to the GET IN TOUCH WITH CLEAR PATH section at the bottom of this page.

Gemma Aitchison

Training and Research director
VAWG Director

Gemma is a working-class feminist campaigner, victim advocate, and researcher. She founded Yes Matters after the murder of her sister in an effort to educate young people and those working with them on consent, abusive behaviour, and the harmful nature of gender stereotypes.

Gemma contributed to the new PSHE, making consent a compulsory element of the new school curriculum.

She is an active member of YouMySister, FiLiA, EVAW Coalition, GMCA Women and Girls Equality Panel, and GM Violence Against Women and Girls Working Group.

To find out more about Yes Matters UK visit

Rosie Watson

Head of
External Communications & PR

Rosie is Head of External Communications for the Domestic Abuse (DA) Alliance & Clear Path UK. Established in 2019, the DA Alliance is a privately-funded company bringing together UK organisations working on the frontline of domestic abuse with the legal sector to provide instant legal assistance and protection for victims.

In 2021 Rosie was part of a multi-agency team that co-created 'Sharon's Policy' – a landmark domestic abuse policy to help employers spot the signs of abuse and support employees who may be experiencing it.

Prior to working for the DA Alliance, Rosie spent six years working in communications within the policing and criminal justice sector. She has over 20 years' experience in B2B and B2C marketing and public relations.

To find out more about the DA Alliance and WEPROTECT instant victim referral app visit:


Head of External Relations

In 2021 Rosie was part of a multi-agency team that co-created 'Sharon's Policy' – a landmark domestic abuse policy to help employers spot the signs of abuse and support employees who may be experiencing it.

Prior to working for the DA Alliance, Rosie spent six years working in communications within the policing and criminal justice sector. She has over 20 years' experience in B2B and B2C marketing and public relations.

Gemma Herron

DASH risk assessment &
Domestic Abuse Lead

Gemma is a survivor of domestic abuse and has gone on to volunteer & support other survivors through a domestic abuse charity.
Gemma is passionate about empowering women and making a difference. After her own healing journey,
she has expanded her beauty business to include holistic therapies so she can continue to support others.

Charissa Cooke

Head of
Spirtual Youth Advocacy

Charissa was groomed and raped as a teenager but because the people she disclosed to didn't believe her, she believed that the authorities wouldn't listen either. She was shamed into silence.

Charissa joined Clear Path UK to be the wing she wished she'd been under when the pain was hardest to bear. The organisation supports victims & survivors while campaigning for ISVA/IDVA services to be made available from the moment someone reports an abuse-related crime. 

Amy Hales

Events and Social media

Amy is a Theatre stage manager who has paid attention to what's going on in the world around her. Social issues affecting her & society as a whole became her focus as she researched & uncovered so many failings by those claiming to care for people in the UK. She set up a Tiktok account to raise awareness & became a social activist, fighting for better education & awareness for vulnerable young people.

Amy joined Clear Path in September 2021, bringing her tenacious pursuit of facts, knowledge & experience in media & campaigning for what's right with her.

Natasha Smith

Wellbeing and 
administration manager

Natasha was diagnosed with OCD, anxiety and depression in 2017 after her symptoms became unmanageable. Prior to this, she’d been labelled “a worrier” and “stressed”, but by educating herself and reaching out, she finally got the support that she needed to rebuild. She found techniques and processes that helped her to begin healing, which led her to found Nateur Connections, a holistic therapy organisation, centred around well being and healing. She has a passion for fairness and justice which drives her in everything she does.

When Natasha joined Clear Path brought her calm, healing spirit, sage advice and incredible tech skills with her.

Clare Waters

Therapeutic resource Lead

Clare is a creative and empathetic psychotherapist, using solution focused brief therapy, cognitive and behavioural therapies, and hypnotherapy within a Positive Psychology framework.

She's a big picture thinker, gained from running her own business, Calm Waters Wellbeing & Calm Waters Hypnotherapy and as a result is fantastic at viewing issues and projects from all perspectives.

Claire is a board member of The Human Givens Institute, a Member of the British Psychological Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society.

To find out more about Calm Waters Therapy visit

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Progress So Far...

Clear Path Creative Healing Event

Join Clear Path UK in celebrating Creative Healing at Grimsby Minster, Dates TBC

Meeting in The House of Commons

Claire held a meeting with Dame Eleanor Laing on the 24th of February.

Clearpath Abstract Art Auction

Survivor & renowned artist Armirna Raveendran has generously donated a collection of artwork to Clear Path. We are holding an abstract art auction to raise funds in Spring 2022.

Training for Organisations and Professionals

We are currently providing presentations and training outlines to professionals and organisations looking to get ahead of the curve with the latest updates. To book a consultation please contact us at:

More Team Members Welcome

We are open to further collaboration with experts and services working in the field. Please get in touch via our online form.

Meeting with Andrew Bowie

Claire had a meeting with Andrew Bowie Conservative MP in October 2021. Andrew was impressed with our work and is hosting a pop-up conference for us to present our objectives to other members of parliament.

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"Collaboration is critical we must raise awareness across the board, The Domestic Abuse Alliance and the Chamber of Commerce support a number of Initiatives to help join the dots between organisations to enable a positive impact on reducing domestic abuse. We have chosen to support Clear Path as their work is imperative to ensure standards are met by organisations and professionals who work in this field."

Chris Luff MBE - Chamber of Commerce West Herts

“Claire’s poetry was so powerful, it hit me like a truck - I felt I just had to write a song telling her story, her fears, and also her great strength of character. She is some lady - a wonderful and inspirational warrior!”

Fiona Kennedy OBE - Singer

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